Our Philosophy

At Alpha Early Childhood Educational Centre we value relationships we have an inclusive atmosphere which promotes positive working relationships based on trust, respect and honesty.


Alpha Early Childhood Educational Centre recognises the Treaty of Waitangi as a living and true document and upholds the partnership which is inherent in the document. All families are welcome irrespective of race, gender, ability, beliefs, culture or special needs.


Policies, practices and objectives are regularly reviewed and parents kept informed during the process of self review.


We believe in trained and qualified teachers who are trained to provide a quality ECE experience for children. Teachers will be committed to on-going professional development and sharing their knowledge with parents and caregivers.


At Alpha we believe in providing a flexible approach to the day and routines to ensure opportunities for uninterrupted spontaneous, inside/outside free play to occur. Teachers will plan experiences for children based on child interests which are recognised through observation and learning stories. Te Whaariki, The New Zealand Early Childhood Curriculum is incorporated into all aspects of programme planning, its implementation and evaluation.


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