Our Philosophy


Alpha Early Childhood Educational Centre 

A natural, happy and homely Centre that is part of your community



Values: Aroha/ Whᾱnau/ Home


At Alpha Early Childhood Educational Centre, we strive to work as part of a respectful triadic partnership in learning (children, parent, teacher)

We are committed to our community and engage in open communication and warm interactions to nurture reciprocal relationships in a positive culture.

We aim to provide quality care that meets the needs of each child.

We provide inclusive, nurturing and caring teachers that are well resourced to support the learning in a safe, yet challenging indoor and outdoor environment.

We know that children learn through involvement and engagement in meaningful play and at Alpha, the children come first. With this in mind, teachers respond to children’s interests and engage in projects as the foundation to a fun, holistic learning experience where children can explore, develop theories and practice skills.

Adult supported free play is our approach and children work individually or in small groups to follow their passions and participate in everyday home, life experiences with a calm and settled environment.

We value social confidence, independence and self-help skills and we make the most of spontaneous experiences as opportunities for learning.

We believe children thrive when they have a positive sense of identity, culture and place in the world. This inspires us to acknowledge our bicultural foundations and work in equitable and socially just ways, valuing diversity, acknowledging and accepting difference and celebrating our histories, heritages and hopes.



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