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Acting Centre Manager

Nicole: Diploma of Teaching (Early Childhood Education)


Hello I'm Nicole, I have worked at Alpha for more than 12 years. I enjoy the surprises, excitement and joy of my job. I love music and art and everything in between. I am the community leader for Alpha and love planning trips for the children, we enjoy walks to the local park, Shirley Library and bigger trips.



Sarah: Bachelor of Education (Teaching) Early Childhood Education

Sarah Greaves photo

Hi I am Sarah, I work in the preschool room at Alpha.  I have over 15 years experience working in the Early Childhood sector both in New Zealand, Australia and as a Nanny in London, England.   Some of my interests are photography, walking on the beach and spending time with my four nieces who are all under 5 years of age. But I also love travelling and experiencing other people’s cultures. I enjoy the everyday challenges, excitement and surprises that children bring each day , no two days are ever the same. The areas of the curriculum that I am especially interested in to do with children  are mathematics, technology and baking experiences. 

I believe in working in partnership with parents, and  creating a holistic and stimulating  programme for the children on a daily basis.  I believe in having strong relationships with parents /whānau   which is done through open and honest communication. Young children learn best through having open ended and a variety of experiences that encourage their current interests, skills and knowledge.  It is through social interactions with people, places and things that children learn and develop into competent, confident learners.   But most importantly I strive to create a happy, safe and caring environment  each day  for  the  tamariki, whānau and other teachers I work with on daily basis.


Head Nursery Teacher:

Andrea:  Diploma of Teaching (Early Childhood Education) (Endorsed)









Charlotte:  Teacher in training (3rd Year)









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